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Skin Armour Alcohol Prep Pad Sterile (Large & Medium)

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Medium size comes individually wrapped in boxes of 200
Large size comes indiviudally wrapped in boxes of 100
  • STERILE– Alcohol pads are individually wrapped in foil packages, to maintain sterility and freshness for each use.
  • 2-PLY – Wipes are Designed 2-ply allowing you to unfold pad for easy cleaning / sanitizing larger surfaces, in addition, prep pads are made with soft and thick material for effective use and prevent tearing.
  • SATURATED 70% – These swabs are saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, pre-moistened, soft material for gentle use.
  • ANTISEPTIC - Ideal for use as a general first-aid solution, and for preparation of skin prior to blood tests and insulin or heparin injections.
  • WIDE VARIETY OF USES – These first aid wipes are ideal for cleaning surfaces, equipment, and other devices that contact patients directly. They are great additions to first-aid kits, clinics, EMTs, trainers, and at home use medical kits, too.